eVetan helps automate payroll processes of Small & Mid sized companies.

Now you no longer need dedicated resources just to manage your salary payouts, and statutory compliances. With eVetan, you save on money, time and effort. Our hassle free online payroll software manages your payroll needs from anywhere and anytime. eVetan is easy and fast; thus can be operated by anyone. No payroll specialist or extra paperwork required once you start using eVetan.

We understand that more than 26 million Small & Mid sized businesses in India have unique challenges facing them and thus have unique needs. eVetan has been developed to provide extremely easy to use, flexible, fast and inexpensive payroll automation capabilities to companies with 2 to 200 employees base.

eVetan lets Small & Mid sized businesses process payroll for Rs. 60 per employee per month; and for buyers of our bulk packages, this price can go to as low as Rs. 40 per employee per month.
At eVetan, you'll be able to process payroll in quick easy steps from anywhere and at anytime.

What businesses need is only an internet enabled computer to access eVetan.

Small & Mid sized businesses do not need elaborate, complicated and expensive payroll applications to sort out their payroll needs. However we believe that they have every right to have access to industry’s best practices in payroll systems and employee benefits at affordable rates.

Businesses which currently rely on office spreadsheet packages to process payroll, a cumbersome and non reliable way of maintaining and processing employee pays, have an extremely high probability of human errors creeping into payroll calculations. Additionally with no access to reliable and up to date statutory compliances know-how, there is a very high likelihood that businesses end up paying more in interests and penalties due to inaccurate, delayed or missed statutory payments.

eVetan also helps you create the right professional image for your business in front of your employees by providing an online Employee Self Service facility. Your employees can login at and check their pay-history, payslips, leaves and also declare their investments for taxation purpose.

With eVetan, businesses with 2 to 200 employee base now have access to every system, process and domain know-how that till date has been available only with larger and bigger companies.