We help you automate your payroll system in quick easy steps. We have spent hundreds of man hours designing eVetan in a way that ensures ultimate ease of use and accessibility from any web browser over the internet.

Our rich team of Subject Matter Experts ensure that you have access to the most accurate and up to date Labour Laws and Statutory Compliances know-how anytime from anywhere.

eVetan has been designed in a way that incorporates the industry’s best practices in salary management. So when you set up your company details on eVetan, you automatically start internalizing a smart and professional payroll system for your organization.

Feel like an MNS even if you are a Small & Mid sized business and give the most professional salary benefits to your employees. Cut down on cumbersome paperwork and additional resources cost by using eVetan.

We do all of the above and more at rates that suit your budget. eVetan lets you process payroll for Rs. 60 per employee per month; and if you buy our bulk packages, you can take this price to as low as Rs. 40 per employee per month.

What's more, once you are on eVetan, you have access to all your employee records, company data and processed salary data FOREVER, even if you stop subscribing, just like any other desktop software.

Why Evetan ?

Because eVetan gives you everything you need to make your payroll processing Quick, Easy and Professional.

Also get access to a free mobile app for employees.

Automate regular HR tasks such as allow employees to check-in from anywhere for remote attendance tracking, view their payslips, declare tax information, apply for leaves & more.

How to download employee mobile app:

  • Create business admin account on www.evetan.com
  • Update company and employee information
  • Create employee login in setup & share Username & password
  • Employees download Insido App (powered by eVetan) on Google Playstore or click here to download.
  • Incorporate industry best practices in salary structuring and payroll processes
  • Login to Insido app through the credentials shared

  • Vision & Mission

    Mission –

    Build significant economic value for our clients.

    Vision –

    To create simplify HR operation and increase productivity and efficiency.